Bankruptcy Representation for Creditors

Colorado Creditor Bankruptcy Representation

Experience in representing creditors in consumer bankruptcies.

Masana Bankruptcy Law knows how frustrating it can be when debtors fail to pay you for your goods or services, perhaps string you along for years at a time and then file for bankruptcy.

We are dedicated to providing you with the peace of mind you deserve, and assisting with all hearings and actions such as Motion for Relief filings, Objections to Chapter 13 Plans, Adversarial Filings, or simply filing Proof of Claims on behalf the creditors we represent.

No matter whether the default is in regards to a mortgage, vehicle, personal loan or anything else, we will work to obtain the maximum amount allowable for our clients.


Denver bankruptcy attorneys committed to our clients


Get the help you need and the treatment you deserve

If you’re owed money and find yourself subject to the debtor’s bankruptcy protection, call Masana Bankruptcy Law today at 720-669-3423 or contact us online to put an end to your debtor’s excuses and get the money you deserve.

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