Rich Masana – Managing Partner


Rich Masana is the Managing Partner of Masana Bankruptcy Law.  Rich, a native New Yorker who had moved to Colorado for law school, is a graduate of the University of Colorado Law School.


Prior to attending law school, Rich had completed his undergraduate studies and master’s studies, at St. John’s University, in Queens, NY, where he served as both Vice-President and President of St. John’s University’s Student Government.


Through practice, Rich has run into a wide variety of situations across the various Colorado courts and uses each part of his background in order to help meet his clients’ needs.


Rich is well-versed in bankruptcy where he has filed or participated in literally hundreds of cases, whether Chapter 7, Chapter 13, Chapter 11 Creditor Representation, or serving as Plaintiffs’ or Defendants’ counsel in the context of adversary proceedings.


In terms of bankruptcy, Rich understands it on multiple levels, as he had watched his mother file for bankruptcy and undergo foreclosure during his adolescence. As a landlord and someone who has found himself in a creditor’s shoes through other capacities, he also personally understands the plight of watching money owed evaporate due to circumstances of no fault of the creditors.


As a result, unlike many other attorneys, he understands the collateral effects of bankruptcy that go well beyond its impact on the individual debtor or a single creditor. It is a delicate balance being both sensitive and intuitive regarding the concerns and ideal goals of both sides.


Aside from his work in federal court “which has also included prosecuting non-bankruptcy federal claims in the United States District Court for the District of Colorado”, Rich is also licensed in the Colorado state courts where he handles a wide array of civil litigation matters in both County and District Court.


His representation in state court proceedings ranges from both prosecuting/defending in money cases, eviction proceedings, employment disputes, and probate petitions to largescale multi-plaintiff/multi-defendant complex disputes.


In addition to dealing with contested matters, Rich also has extensive experience in drafting and reviewing estate documents, contracts, and many other legal documents. He is able to use his skills ascertained through litigation to help identify potential issues before they come to light.


Rich seeks to provide value by cutting out a lot of the dead weight that other firms use as a basis to charge higher fees. At the same time, he guarantees the highest standard of client communication and disclosure whether on his end or from any other attorney that he involves in a case, as well as staff.


Our reputation across several Courts, as well as our reviews, both speak for themselves.


In his spare time, Rich is a huge sports fan, loves taking advantage of the Colorado outdoors, playing guitar, and working on an assortment of home projects.

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