Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy: Chapter 13 bankruptcy enables you to prevent your lender from acting on a secured debt such as foreclosing on your home or repossessing your car. It provides the ability to go back to making regular payments with the ability to repay any past due amounts over a period up to 5 years.  You may also want to file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy if your income is over the allowable limit permitted under the Means Test, you have previously filed a Chapter 7 bankruptcy in the last 8 years, or your debts are primarily non-dischargeable debts such as recent tax debt or student loans. In instances without secured debts or debt owed to the United States Government, the court will consider your disposable income (or in other words, the amount you are left with monthly after your expenses) in determining your monthly payment amount. If your creditors do not file timely proof of claims with the court in regards to the debts you owe, these debts can be eliminated as well.

There are many reasons people file Chapter 13s. Most often, the vast majority of their debt is related to a mortgage that they are behind on or comprised of mostly tax debt. Chapter 13 can also help those who make too much to file for Chapter 7 as their monthly payment to all creditors can be based on their actual disposable income after all monthly expenses and not their gross earnings.

Our office can get your Chapter 13 filed for only $300 down along with the $310 filing fee which is paid to the Bankruptcy Court. We understand it is difficult to pay for a bankruptcy while you don’t have much money and will compassionately work with you.


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